Aromatherapy Seventh Heaven

Aromatherapy has been described as a trip to seventh heaven.  There are numerous aromas that are available for various uses.  After the application, each fragrance has its own result.

Aromatherapy has such a profound effect on individuals because of the essential oils that are used.  These oils allow the feeling of relaxation, relief, and being refreshed.  Essential oils are the heart of aromatherapy.

Many people go to the super market and dont look at the ingredients in the product they are buying.  The same holds true with Health and Beauty stores.  Not all bottled essential oils are without by-products.  Some oils might have residue of chemicals because of the way it was extracted.  It is always important to read the label and verify that it is pure oil.

The oil is extracted straight out of the plant through various methods.  This oil is then mixed with water and other oils for application.  If the oil wasnt mixed with oil or water, it could be very hazardous because an individual could absorb too much.

The oil makes its way into the blood stream where it was applied.  This gives the area a soothing relief.  The soothing could be for physical, mental, or spiritual relief.  The oil has so many uses from sore muscle relief to reducing stress.

Essential oils for aromatherapy can be found at many stores.  An individual can apply it him or herself.  They could also have their loved one do it.  For an added bonus a book on applying techniques would be a nice touch too.

For a professional touch, one could always go to a masseuse.  Masseuses have been taught and trained how to use what oils where and how much.  They often have added specials of music, dim lighting, and warm rocks to intensify the effects.  They truly make aromatherapy an art.

Essential oils are the things that make aromatherapy.  Without them no one would feel like they were healing through aromatherapy.  Their effect is intense and real.  The healing that comes from aromatherapy is beautiful and natural.

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