Balinese Spirit Essential Oil Blend

Balinese Spirit
It probably wouldn t take much poking or prodding for you to admit that you like to smell good. I mean, who doesn t?! We sure do, and that s why we ve got such a huge selection of natural fragrance and organic essential oils for your personal use and private label skincare creations. We come up with new blends all the time and one of our most recent botanical aroma creations is our Balinese Spirit Essential oil blend. Light, bright, lively and barely sweet, it s the perfect scent for spring and summer.

We started this blend with a base of Lime essential for its lively citrus scent. While all citrus essential oils share characteristics that include a certain kind of citrus-y smell, we love Lime because it is distinct from Lemon, Orange and Grapefruit in the delicacy of its sweetness while still adding those signature bright citrus notes to the blend. Next comes Sweet Fresh Ginger, and it really does smell sweet and fresh. It has just the right amount of spiciness to give this blend a gentle edge without making it strong or overpowering. The Ginger also helps to maintain a certain element of exoticism within the scent. Following Ginger is Tangerine, the orange s smaller, sweeter and cuter cousin. Tweet: Tangerine, the orange s smaller, sweeter and cuter cousin. @rainshadowlabsWe chose Tangerine over orange because it blends so nicely with the Lime since both oils have similar notes in their sweetness.

On the heels of Tangerine follows a pure, grounding base that resembles Vanilla essence which adds balance to the citrus and compliments the Ginger wonderfully helping to round out the entire blend with some body. We also included a bit of Black Pepper essential oil and boy does it make this blend stand out! And no, it doesn t make it smell like a shaker full of peppercorns, but rather helps to add body while also complimenting the spice of the Ginger.

To finish we added deep and rich Benzion liquid resin and heady Lemongrass essential oil to complete this sensory experience. The result is a perfectly balanced, bright, slightly sweet, exotic and perfect for spring and summer aroma that goes perfect directly on the skin and is equally at home in a private label skincare base. Add it to your essential oil collection and to your ingredient decks for fresh and sassy essential oil fun.
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