Banish Your Skincare Blues with Blueberry

Let s face it there are a ton of private label skincare ingredients out there, and they all have some amazing qualities to add to private label skincare formulas. Some fight acne, some fade scars, while others unclog pores and keep moisture in your cells. The choices can feel daunting. How do you choose what to use? Let us make things a little easier for you with our skincare-blues-busting Blueberry Cranberry Oxygen Mask. 

Blueberries are more than just a sweet little fruit. They are anti aging powerhouses for the skin. All of that deep blue colored pigment is loaded with antioxidants that protect and repair your skin from damage that causes wrinkles, spots and loss of elasticity. It helps to protect your skin from getting sunburned, and it keeps your anti aging skincare decisions simple for you. After all, how much more simple can it get than a cute little berry?

To accompany the beautiful blue-hued powerhouse is cranberry, and with it comes a host of beneficial and skin rejuvenating bioflavonoids, antioxidants and vitamins that work to keep your skin glowing, rosy and clear. Both the blueberry and the cranberry in this oxygenating and youthening face mask work together to make sure that your skin gets the weekly pick me up it deserves- and needs- in order to stay ahead of the anti aging game.

To accompany this berry filled cocktail of private label genius are Glycolic and Alpha Lipoic acids. They work together to keep your skin cells properly hydrated, your pores free from dead skin, and your circulation pumping so you can maintain a dewy glow, all day long. Natural and gentle fruit pulp complete this private label picture with a gentle exfoliation that helps all of the other active anti aging ingredients better absorb into your skin for the best results.

You can keep it simple and still reap all the private label skincare results that you want. With simple, pure and effective formulas like our Blueberry Cranberry Oxygen Mask, your skin will have all the tools it needs to stay healthy, strong, vibrant and young. And you can relax knowing that all your bases are being covered. Get your cellular support, exfoliation, antioxidants and active plant based compounds all in one therapeutic private label skincare product. Powered by berries with proven and tangible results, you can t go wrong with our Blueberry Cranberry Oxygen Mask.
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