Bearberry, (Arctostaphylos Uva Ursi Leaf Extract) is another one of those sparkling gifts from Nature s infinite pharmacy.  

Known as an effective Age Spot Remover, Bearberry Extract helps the skin return to its clear, bright self.  Bearberry Extract is one of those super wondrous personal care additives because it contains all the complexity of life developed through evolution- something a synthetic lab is still hard pressed to mimic!

Bearberries are a favorite snack of roaming grizzly bears (hence the name)! In order to protect themselves from becoming over-foraged by these woodland animals, these berries became a bitter, sour tasting, caustic fruit.  It hasn t stopped the bears from regularly dining on them, but it has made these ruby colored gems a powerful astringent, anti-toxin and molecular protector.

Even, speckled skin that is free from age, acne and sun spots is a veritable beauty dream! So many experience discoloration and wish they could radiate with clarity and luminosity.  Bearberry Extract is wealthy with a hyperpigmentation reducer called hydroquinone.  Hydroquinone inhibits melanin - the skin pigment that causes cells to become dark.  This is how Bearberry helps to prevent new ages spots and fade ones already in existence.  The result is pure, immaculate skin!

Bearberry Extract s anti-aging prowess doesn t end there.  Blemishes in the skin and other signs of aging occur when dermal cells a) present some kind of defect and b) reproduce with those defects, passing on the flaw.  It s natural as the skin ages for more inaccuracies to occur in cellular reproduction.  But this plant is so ingenious that it restores cellular integrity and supports intelligent reproduction.  The anthocyanin present in Bearberry Extract, a antioxidant that is responsible for the red, blue or purple pigments in plants, protects cell DNA and prevents mutations.  The skin reproduces itself with accuracy and the result is youthful, strong skin that glistens with health and integrity!

Before modern medicine made its appearance, mankind always turned to nature for all its needs. Nature is a treasure trove of medicinal herbs and plants.  Bearberry Extract is a super-plant that protects and encourages cellular health for skin that looks fresh and agleam!

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