In the world of private label manufacturing, some ingredients occupy a cornerstone place because of their wondrous properties and functional versatility.  Beeswax, purely derived from honeycomb, has these essential traits! The versatility of beeswax makes it a foundation ingredient for almost any and every personal care product, and its luminous beauty properties keep it eternally in demand!

Like the imperial palace where it is made, beeswax is a majestic beauty agent.  It locks in moisture and creates a long-lasting coating to protect the skin from environmental damage by sun, wind and pollution.  It softens and smoothes the complexion and fosters cellular renewal.  The result is skin that is comfortable and nourished, and emits a honey gold glow.  The way in which beeswax gets produced by honeybees will impress you even more than its beauty or utilitarian properties.

After a honeybee has matured to 17 days of age, it is ready to become part of the architectural team that builds honeycomb for the hive! After gathering pollen from wild-growing flowers, these royal engineers secrete wax from four small glands on the abdomen and then skillfully construct and cap a comb.  Such artistry and biological elegance delivers a product that is nothing less than astounding.

Beeswax is made to protect honey for the hive and gestating larvae.  Since it has been constructed to shelter and secure two very important items (food and offspring) it contains potently protective qualities.  Such qualities include antibacterial, antimicrobial, antioxidant and anti-allergenic healing powers.  Beeswax is so dynamic that, even after processing, it still remains somewhat biologically active.

Its functionality in personal care private label manufacturing makes it no less entrancing.  Natural source waxes have a plethora of uses such as a solidifying medium for salves, a sealant in moisturizers and lotions, an emulsifier for cosmetics, a hardener for polishes and balms the list goes on and on.  Beeswax is the oldest and purest wax and has been used since time immemorial.  It is hard to imagine where we would be with our creations if it weren t for this courtly crop.

We offer to you beeswax beads, for convenience in storing and melting.  Enjoy the use of this waxen gold.

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