Beginning of Aromatherapy

The use of natural essential oils for healing has been around for centuries.  Individuals from the Stone Age even used natural essential oils.  There is evidence that they used natural essential oils in a French cave through an illustration.

Egyptians used essential oils as well.  They used it in their religious rituals and in medications.  They used it for preservation on their dead.  The Pharaohs of Egypt even used it to trade for slaves or treasures.

Romans used essential oils in political and temple buildings for peace and tranquility.  They often put lavender in their public bathes as well.  They also used essential oil for massages after bathing.

Essential oils were even used in China.  The Chinese used the oils for healing illnesses.  The first medical book in China was Yellow Emperors Private Manual, which listed the effects of essential oils.

The application of essential oils became more effective in 1897.  A French pharmacist experimented with different concoctions of essential oil and extracts that were popular that the time.  With the concoctions and the invention of the burner head, the oils were diffused and became more efficient.

The French botanist Rene-Maurine Gatteforril experimented with several essential oils.  He discovered their specific healing capabilities and wrote them in books in 1928.  In these books he also wrote how to effectively apply the oils to disinfect, sterile, kill viruses, and reduce inflammation.

Doctor Jean Valnet in 1964 discovered how essential oils aid in cell regeneration and sterilization.  He promoted using aromatherapy in the medical field and before World War II the essential oils were being used as disinfectants and sterilizers.  In the hospital the oils were used to fumigate the halls and to sterilize surgical and dental tools.

In modern days a lot of people are spectacle about aromatherapy because the FDA has not approved it and because a lot of research has not been done on it.  Mr. Huang Shu Li, the chairman of BelAir, researches with science to validate the healing properties of aromatherapy.  BelAir has combined with the National Yang Ming University in Taiwan to confirm the effectiveness and safety of essential oils.  Even though essential oils have been used for centuries, people still want medical proof that they work.

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