Benefits of Soy

There has been a lot of research done on the benefits and affects of soy.  Soy can do more than provide nutrients to the body.  The results of the research have had controversy because some say that soy is good and others do not.

Soy is obviously good for nutrients in the body.  It has also been stated as a natural way of reducing menopausal symptoms.  There are some who say that soy is negative because it is connected to breast cancer and other thyroid problems.

All good things must come in or be eaten in moderations.  This saying goes for soy as well.  Soy is a wonderful nutrient, but it must be used or ate in moderation or it can be harmful.

Soy comes in many forms like tofu or soymilk.  Consumers need to be very careful in the forms that they buy because of the ingredients used in the soy.  Some forms of soy contain a lot of various preservatives.

 It is best to buy soy that is made with the highest quality.  Organic soy is one great source that has high quality.  Fermented forms of soy containing tempeh, natto, or miso are also great sources of soy.

Soy is also really great for the skin.  It will not be long before wholesale cosmetics start using soy in their products.  Soy contains many features that make it beneficial for the skin. 

Wholesale cosmetics would like the benefit that soy gives of antioxidants and anti-inflammation on the skin.  The isoflavones in the soy give these wonderful benefits.  Isoflavones are plant compounds and are found in high amounts in soybeans.

Isoflavones stimulate collagen production.  This is great in wholesale cosmetics because it increases the support structure of the skin.  Soy can increase the thickness and the elasticity of the skin.





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