Bergamot Essential Oil

Bergamot essential oil is a very popular oil but many people do not know the source of bergamot or its therapeutic benefits. 

The name bergamot is derived from the name citrus bergamia, which is a fruit-bearing tree. The tree is primarily cultivated for this fruit in the Italian province Reggio di Calabria and the city of Bergamo; thus the name. The fruit of this tree is less sour than lemon and more bitter than grapefruit and has been used for centuries in teas, as medicine to treat malaria, and as an essential oil.

Bergamot essential oil is made from the peel of the fruit. It typically requires one hundred bergamot oranges to produce 3 ounces of oil. Bergamot essential oil is very popular in perfumery because of its ability to combine with other scents. Bergamot essential oil combines well with lavender, a variety of mint oils, and the woody oils like sandalwood and frankincense. This complementary nature has made bergamot so popular that it can be found in one third of all fragrance blends.

Bergamot essential oil is often used in skin care creams and lotions in order to harness its cooling and refreshing nature. It is very well suited for reducing inflammation and calming inflamed skin and has antiseptic properties that may prevent infection and enhance recovery.

Bergamot essential oil is used effectively in an essential oil diffuser where its scent is reported to be uplifting and refreshing and thus may reduce the symptoms of depression, anxiety, and tension.

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