Best Blush for Your Skin Tone

Every season there are new wholesale cosmetics available with outrageous and trendy shades. It can be hard to resist bringing a new shade home that you arent sure will work for your skin. Blush was created to give a woman a flushed look and it can make the skin look odd or ruddy when it is the wrong color for your specific coloring.

There are different blushes that work well for various skin tones. If you find blushes that fit the category of your skin type, they will work well in giving you a healthy glow. They will make your skin look radiant. But, if you dont follow the color wheel recommendations you may end up with a blush that just looks off on your skin.

Pale Skin: Pale skin looks best with super soft pinks. These pinks can have complementary shades added such as peach or light browns. But, avoid corals or deep magenta shades.

Olive Skin: Deeper colors and brighter shades work well on those with olive shaded skin tones. Peaches and pinks can bring out the yellow in the skin and enhance cheek glow. Look for products that have added shimmer.

Dark or ebony skin: Cream style blushes with coral shades or rose petal shades work well on darker skin tones. They can help define cheekbones and create a fresh look. They can be applied over regular powder blush to intensify the cosmetic effect.
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