Best Natural Hair Care Ingredients

Many personal hygiene and cleaning products can be sources of harmful chemicals in our environment, and hair care products are some of the worst offenders. The harsh chemicals found in many commercial hair care products can cause skin irritations and allergic reactions in addition to stripping the hair of its natural nutrients and oils. Sulfates, parabens, alcohol and synthetic fragrances are just a few of the damaging ingredients commonly found in hair care products. Instead of relying on these synthetic ingredients, look for hair care products that contain natural and organic ingredients to care for your hair in a natural way, leaving it as healthy and beautiful as possible.

Organic ingredients that have cleansing properties include:

  • Castor seed oil: an anti-fungal humectant that also thickens hair

  • Tea tree oil: anti-fungal, antibacterial, and antiseptic, it also soothes dry scalp

  • Camellia oil: smells sweet and provides a nourishing lather

  • Honey: antibacterial, leaves the hair and soft

If your hair needs some extra moisture, try:

  • Almond oil: conditions and moisturizes

  • Glycerin: protects against heat damage and reduces frizz

  • Argan oil: contains vitamins E, C, F, and A as well as essential fatty acids to add nutrients and treat split ends

  • Banana: makes the hair soft

  • Jojoba: protects, heals, and balances oil production

  • Coconut oil: adds shine and strength

  • Extra virgin olive oil: seals in moisture and softens

To add strength, volume, and shine:

  • Hemp oil: makes hair soft and shiny

  • Henna: provides protein for strength

  • Eggs: leave a smooth finish while adding protein and strength

  • Aloe vera: promotes volumizing hair growth, stops hair loss, and treats scalp problems.

  • Beeswax: reduces split ends for added shine and smoothness.

It s important to note how different ingredients work together to determine if you have a well-rounded mixture. Here are a few definitions that are important to understand as you look at characteristics of different ingredients:

Solvent: A liquid or gas that dissolves in a solution.

Emollient:  Reduces moisture loss by creating a layer of oil on top of the hair strand.

Humectant: Helps the hair retain moisture by attracting and binding to water. Humectants are usually non-greasy.

Emulsifier: Aids in the blending of other substances.

Surfactant: Attracts oil and water to wash away oil and dirt.

As you can see, most natural ingredients for hair care have more than one benefit. Instead of the laundry list of unpronounceable chemicals listed on the back of your shampoo bottle, you can use just a few simple organic ingredients to clean and condition your hair.
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