Brighten Your Eye Area With Eye Bright Gel

If our eyes could speak, they d have endless things to say about our lives. They d tell the story of every smile, cry, bout of laughter and sleepless night. But since they can t speak, they tell their stories with their appearance. They tell it in lines and spots in the texture of the skin that surrounds them. And while we all know that life can get a little gritty from time to time, the stories around our eyes could do with looking a little more refined. And for that, we have Eye Bright Gel. 

This formula is the answer to your quest for growing old gracefully. The synergy of private label anti aging skincare ingredients that make up this light and smooth formula work together to keep the skin around your eyes soft, supple and smooth. Plant stem cells and peptides gently encourage advanced collagen production to keep your eye area from becoming sunken, saggy and sad. Botanical Hyaluronic Acid masterfully attracts and holds up to 1000x its own weight in moisture so that your skin stays plump and dewy, day and night. 

Our comprehensive Amino Acid complex fortifies your skin s structure so that your cells hold onto hydration and are better able to repair and maintain the blueprint of your dermal layer. MSM joins the cause and seamlessly rebuilds and restores damaged and aging tissue, while gentle and balancing golden Jojoba keeps your skin cells lubricated and happy. Add to this a grand and noble host of anti aging botanical essences and you ve got yourself a seriously potent yet perfectly gentle private label eye care gel that keeps the stories your eyes tell soft and subtle, just like you want.

You can use this private label skincare formula morning and night, and even in between! Because it is a gel it soaks in quickly and doesn t leave a heavy or greasy residue. It goes beautifully underneath makeup, and shines delightfully on its own. If you wanted, you could even apply it to the rest of your face and neck for the same anti aging, rejuvenating and brightening effects that it has on your eyes. Whatever suits your fancy, you re sure to feel calm and confident about the stories your eyes have to tell whenever you use this gel. 
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