C Brighter Beauty: RainShadow Labs Phenomenal Vitamin C Serum!

Vitamin C Serums are one of the most popular skin care products on the market today.  It seems like every blog, magazine and talk show is talking about the benefits of this popular treatment.  You ll find it sold in spas, and promoted as a foundational part of any high-end beauty ritual.  And, there is good reason for it!

A high quality Vitamin C Serum, like this one from RainShadow Labs, boosts skin plumpness and elasticity. A good vitamin C serum smooths wrinkles and reduces aging by boosting collagen.  Collagen is the connective tissue of the body that keeps skin firm and tight and Vitamin C is critical to healthy collagen production.  Without it, skin starts to sag and become thin.  Our RainShadow Labs Vitamin C Serum is especially phenomenal because it contains a vegan hydrolic acid in addition to the Vitamin C to further plump the skin!

Vitamin C serum is also all the rage as it helps brighten your complexion by increasing cell turnover rates. The skin looks bright and fresh when new layers are exposed more frequently.  As a person ages, their cell turnover rate slows and the dead cells stay at the top longer. This makes the skin look dull.  Vitamin C serum exfoliates the skin and dissolves the old cells so that you appear as luminous are you are!

Lastly, Vitamin C serum is a gold standard product to lighten brown sunspots and lift discoloration from breakout scars.  Vitamin C is s super anti-oxidant that inhibits the enzyme tyrosinase, which cells use in brown-spot production.  The eight- fold antioxidant protection in RainShadow Labs Vitamin C Serum helps fade unwanted hyperpigmentation in the skin.

RainShadow Labs Vitamin C Serum is a natural, organic alternative to what is commonly a synthetic product.  RainShadow Labs uses an infusion of Organic Herbs and Organic Aloe Leaf to soften and hydrate skin as the Vitamin C does its job.  And if you like our Vitamin C Serum, try our other Vitamin C powered products including Vitamin C Body Lotion, Vitamin C Body Wash, Super C Crème and Vitamin C Eye Gel.

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