Cacao Seed Oil 411

Cacao seed essential oil has a lot of history that makes it fun as well. It is thought to have originated with the pre-Mayan Olmec people. The Olmec civilization used cacao in a lot of different ways. They used it to make chocolate mixes.


They also studied its medical properties. They found that there was a lot of value with the cacao seed essential oil. They were considered very special.


The Mayans believed that cacao had spiritual properties. They felt that all natural materials, such as the earth and water, had special properties. They considered cacao to be an ingredient that helped the Mayan deities create humans.  These beans have a rich history in the Central American rainforests that have made it a very special oil in many Countries.


Cacao seed oil has a lot of wonderful things to brag about. First, it has a very delightful smell. It is sensual, heady, and yummy for the senses.


Cacao is used to heal. Research has shown that using cacao with aromatherapy has lowered levels of anxiety and stress. It can also help improve moods.


You can easily create your own recipe by adding favorite essential oils to your body oil.  Cacao seed essential oil mixes well with other types of oils. It works well in a blend with vanilla, peppermint or rose. It also can work in a combination of cinnamon, nutmeg, wild orange, or tangerine.


Cacao in its pure form can be added to these mixes, but only in the tiniest of amounts. Pure cacao has a very strong aroma that smells similar to dark chocolate. It can work as a natural body perfume.


Cacao seed oil works great in aromatherapy. Be sure to only use the highest quality oil. The better quality the oil is, the better your results will be.


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