Calm Yourself with Essential Oils

Essential oils are fantastic natural ailments for many of todays stressors.We live in a fast paced society that can affect our stress levels and health. We need to take advantage of the little break time we have to enjoy our rest and relaxation. Aromatherapy is wonderful because you can use it everywhere and anywhere! If you have a space in your home that is calming, such as a comfortable chair inside by the fireplace, a porch swing, or even a bubble bath, find a way to incorporate aromatherapy. You can place an oil burner next to a sitting area with a calming lavender oil or you can use lemongrass oil in your bubble bath. This will help you to effectively recharge and feel invigorated after your break time. Do you have little time to relax when you are at home? Do you often feel frazzled at the workplace? You can use essential oils in the workplace too. There are bottles available with roller tops. Oils can be placed in these bottles to be applied to the wrist like perfume during the day. Warm vanilla scents can be used to help with stress as well as oil blends with floral notes. To find the right scent for you, close your eyes when you smell a particular type of oil. Take a moment to think about how your feel. Do you feel calm or invigorated? Choose the scent that has the strongest effect on you. Is there more than one scent that you prefer? Simply create a blend.
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