Chamomile Hydrosol: Ancient Beauty Herb

The gentle and bright chamomile flower has a long history of use as a beauty-enhancing herb. In ancient Egypt, chamomile was worshipped above all other herbs for its healing properties, and the ancient Egyptian noblewomen would crush the chamomile petals to use in their skin care preparations. 

Today chamomile is still used in private label skin care manufacturing, and is available to you in many different forms. One of our absolute favorites is the chamomile hydrosol.

Chamomile hydrosol is the delicate water distillate of the chamomile flower. This gentle floral dew is perfectly suited for sensitive skin, and much of the magic of this plant lies in its potent yet gently delivered medicine. It has been used to help treat damaged skin because of its mild and non-irritating nature, and can be used on sensitive baby skin for the same reason.

A hydrosol is the perfect delivery system for the chamomile plant s natural antiseptic and antimicrobial properties. These properties help to speed up wound healing and protect the skin from infection, making it a superb addition to your private label skin care formulations. It is especially effective in wholesale cosmetic formulas that target the relief of inflammatory skin issues such as eczema.  

Chamomile is most typically known in the United States as an herb that helps with anxiety and sleep issues. Because a hydrosol also contains a percentage of the volatile essential oils from the plant, a slight aroma-therapeutic effect is experienced when the product is used. This means that when you use wholesale cosmetics that contain chamomile hydrosol, you not only reap the beautifying benefits of the plant, but also the calming aroma-therapeutic ones as well!

Chamomile hydrosol is the perfect botanical delivery system for those of us with sensitive skin. Just like the ancient noblewomen of Egypt, you can experience the wonderful anti aging effects of chamomile. Use this gentle nectar in your private label skin care, and in your own personal beauty routine. Be sure to have it on hand when you need a calming spritz, and to use as a pillow spray when your little ones can t fall asleep.

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