Choosing Safe Cosmetics

Cosmetics have a long history of being manufactured with risky, dangerous and toxic components. Many of the cosmetic products that we use today do not pose the same health risks as they did in the past, but surprisingly enough, some still contain products that are unsafe.

The companies that have unhealthy and possibly cancerous substances in their wholesale cosmetic products span from grocery store brands to high-end brands that are found at some of the most posh department stores in the U.S. and Europe. Without researching a brand and a specific type of makeup you may be applying chemicals to your skin that can cause damage.

One of the products known to contain a dangerous substance in many major cosmetic brands is lipstick. Many of the long lasting, all day wear lipsticks contain lead. Lead has been linked to causing cancer. If you are worried about your lipsticks or lip balms containing lead, be sure to contact the company to request a full description of ingredients used.

Natural products and organic products in the cosmetic sector are becoming more popular as people become more educated about chemicals in their everyday beauty products. It is important to know what you are applying to your skin everyday to be sure that you are using the healthiest products available.
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