Clary Sage Essential Oil: Euphoric Botanical Elixir

True essential oil skin care is a delightful medley of physical regeneration and olfactory entertainment. There are many oils to choose from, and one of our personal favorites is clary sage. The potent phytochemistry of this oil works its  magic on your skin and your spirits, providing an anti aging sensory experience like no other.

Typically grown and distilled in France, clary sage was originally nicknamed for its use as an eye infection remedy in the Middle Ages- meaning clear eyes . It has been used in English beers, Italian vermouth and various perfumes because of its mild heady and euphoria inducing properties. It delivers true inspiration and elevation to all who use it.

The beautifying properties of clary sage essential oil include the balancing of sebum production and stimulation of circulation to the scalp. It is thus a great addition to hair care and formulas for oily and dry skin. It is also a balancing essential oil for women, and makes a nourishing massage oil for cramps during menstruation.

For those interested in aromatherapy, clary sage s aroma is clear and warm with some herbaceous notes, and is an excellent oil to use as a de-stressor. It can be applied to the wrists and temples any time you need an emotional pick-me-up, and is also well suited for use during celebrations and ceremonies because of the uplifting and euphoric effects experienced with its use.

Clary sage essential oil is the perfect mix of beautifying botanical and euphoria inducing elixir. Use it in your intelligently concocted aromatherapy and beauty formulas to balance your skin, nourish your scalp, and alleviate your menstrual discomfort.  Induce lightness of heart and inspiration of mind with true-clary sage infused- essential oil skin care.

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