Cleaning with Essential Oils

It is clearly dangerous to clean with many of the items that have been produced as household cleaners. Reading the back of the bottles of some of the most popular cleaning sprays can be an eye opening experience. If a bottle has a warning against exposure, it should not be used in the home.

There are many alternatives to cleaners that are common and dangerous that will clean as well or better than the dangerous types. Many of these cleaners contain essential oils. They will not only leave a home sparkling clean, but will also create a great scent.

One of the most popular oils to clean with is lemongrass oil. It can be added to a combination of sparkling water and natural soap to create a light disinfectant. It can be used on counters after cooking or on a bathroom sink.

Another great oil to clean with is oregano oil. It can be combined with lemon oil, white vinegar, sparkling water and natural soap to create a cleanser for tile surfaces. This same combination is great for cleaning stainless steel sinks and appliances.

When cleaning with essential oils and natural soaps, a natural bristle brush or sponge is preferred. Plastic items may act unfavorably with the natural items. The bristles, when plastic, will often become oily and stick together. Cleaning with oil will ensure that your home is free of toxic chemicals and will produce pleasant smells as well.
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