Clove Essential Oil: A Healthy and Seductive Choice

RainShadow Labs Wholesale Clove Essential Oil is a premium oil with loads of topical applications.  Did you know that in the Middle Ages, Clove Oil was noted to have over 12,000 applications for symptoms and disease?  Our Clove Oil is potent medicinal oil and beauty fix, plus it s a spicy aromatherapy scent!

Clove Oil has indescribable therapeutic benefits. It s been documented to kill over 60 different bacterial strains, 15 fungal strains and a number of viral infections. Clove Essential Oil is effective for disinfecting wounds and cuts, healing scabies, athlete s foot and fungal infections, bruises and treating insect bites and stings.  When diffused, its antimicrobial power helps with coughs and asthma. Be aware that Clove Essential Oil is very powerful and, when topically used, should always be diluted in carrier oil at a 2:8 ratio.

Clove Oil also has tons of flavonoids, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory qualities that make it a great beauty agent.  Clove Oil can be used to vanquish acne, slow aging and protect cellular integrity.  When used under the eyes, buffy bags just disappear.  

Clove Oil increases blood circulation and, when used on the face, nourishes facial tissue and slows aging.  However, because the skin on your face is very delicate, if you re using Clove Oil on your face, make sure to dilute it 1:20 and always do a patch test first.  

The complex warming and cooling fragrance of Clove Essential Oil makes it both a refreshing and cozy aromatherapy scent.  Clove Oil can be used to increase memory, concentration and alertness or be used as a sensual, relaxing aphrodisiac.  

Also, Clove Oil is a great perfume additive when you simply want to feel unique.  When blended with other oils, like Rose, Orange, Lavender and Geranium, Clove Oil adds an intriguing, seductive note.

Clove Essential Oil is one of those oils that s a super-smart buy.  It s a must have in your medicine cabinet, wildly effective for your cosmetic needs and a deliciously pleasing scent!   Discover more about Wholesale Essential Oils from RainShadow Labs and our Private Label Skin Care Manufacturing.

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