Coat Your Body in Cocoa Butter Bliss

Cocoa butter inspires love and bliss as soon as it s applied to the body. Not only does it have a heavenly and intoxicating aroma, but the luxurious texture is perfect for helping to thicken private label skincare formulas, and for inclusion in products such as body butters, hair masks and massage lotions. This private label skincare ingredients is easily on the same level of wonderful as Shea butter, but with an added bonus of a light and barely floral chocolaty smell.

Cocoa butter is pressed from the seeds of the Cacao plant and has been used for centuries as a natural moisturizer and skin soother. It is naturally rich in antioxidants that not only help to keep the skin looking and feeling young and healthy, but also act as natural preservatives to help extend the butter's shelf life and keep it from going rancid. This is an excellent quality to take into consideration when formulating your private label skincare line, not only because of the increase of product stability, because stable oils equal nourishing oils.

Cocoa butter is naturally rich in vitamins C and E which are two very in demand skincare vitamins. It is also rich in essential fatty acids that keep the skin feeling elastic and soft, which in turn combats one of the telltale signs of aging- dry and saggy-feeling skin. 

Cocoa butter also contains something known as cocoa mass polyphenol, or CMP for short, and this substance has actually been shown to inhibit the production of a substance known as immune globulin IgE. This is a very good thing because IgE makes Cocoa butter not only a luscious body moisturizer, but a very effective and unique skin soother, especially for those who want to get a little more from their daily moisturizer. 

When used in private label skincare, Cocoa butter makes excellent body butters, massage crèmes, lip balms and even soaps. The unique presence of CMP within the butter makes it stand out as an exceptional private label skincare ingredient. 
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