Coconut Milk

coconut milkMany skincare products and bath soaks use some kind of milk as a major ingredient. Coconut milk is a great option in these recipes because of the many benefits it has for the skin. Coconut milk can help the skin stay balanced and beautiful as well as aid in healing and prevent infection. Below are a few benefits of using coconut milk in skin care products.

Restores pH
Although it seems like cleaning the skin would help to free it from bacteria, the opposite is true. That tight feeling your skin has right after your shower is a sign that the natural oils have been stripped from your skin. Your skin's oils (sebum) make the skin slightly acidic, which makes the surface an inhospitable environment for harmful bacteria. Once your shower disrupts the pH balance of your skin, it takes time for it to be restored, leaving your skin open to invasion by harmful bacteria that can cause infection. Coconut milk acts as a barrier between your skin and the outside world while working to restore the natural pH balance of your skin more quickly.

Nourishes and Heals
Besides restoring the pH balance of skin, coconut milk can also aid in healing and restoration. Coconut milk removes the outer layer of skin, revealing the healthy youthful skin underneath. At the same time, it strengthens the underlying tissues so its effects last longer than lotion would. Coconut milk also relieves irritation and reduces chronic inflammation. It can heal skin problems like wounds, blood blisters, rashes, and warts. Coconut milk can accomplish all of this and still keep the skin soft, without leaving a greasy feeling.

Good for Hair
Hair can be viewed as an extension of the skin because it s made of the same components and requires a balance of cleansing and moisturizing to stay healthy. Coconut milk softens and conditions the hair. It also conditions the scalp. Using coconut milk as a prewash can eliminate dandruff with having to use the harsh chemicals contained in dandruff shampoos.

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