Cornflower Hydrosol: Clear-eyed Beauty

Innovative natural science utilizes the brightest, juiciest and most potent offerings from nature in order to serve your highest brilliance. The natural intelligence embedded in these botanical gifts brings new information into your being, inspiring more harmony within your biological expression. In the realm of wholesale cosmetics, nothing is more naturally innovative and brilliant than cornflower hydrosol.

Cornflowers are beautiful bright blue wildflowers, and have been used in herbalism for a variety of eye-related illnesses. Cornflower was even recommended in the 17th century for those who did not wish to wear glasses. The ancient Egyptians thought  cornflowers resurrected the dead, and wreaths of cornflowers were found near King Tut s tomb. Today, we know that private label skin care containing cornflower has an anti aging effect on the skin, and is especially effective around the eye area.

Each drop of cornflower hydrosol contains the anti aging blueprint carried in each cornflower petal. The anti aging effects of cornflower are thought to come from a certain group of flavonoids called anthocyanins.  The anthocyanins found in cornflower act as antioxidants that enliven, tighten and brighten the skin. And because cornflower hydrosol is so effective at repairing older skin that has become crepe-y, it can be used in wholesale cosmetics that target the whole face.

Skin that is more mature has usually suffered more wear and tear. As we become older, sagging and thinning of our skin become the main complaints as collagen production wanes. Cornflower hydrosol gently aids in the restoration of the kind of dermal tone and strength that is more elusive with age. It is truly intelligently formulated natural skin care at its finest.

Intelligently formulated natural skin care includes the full spectrum of botanical wisdom contained within each of its ingredients- this is the heart of innovative natural science. The cornflower blossom s bright blue hue beckons out your eyes bright light. When utilized appropriately, cornflower hydrosol takes your private label skin care formulations from good to absolutely brilliant.

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