Creative Additions for Bar Soap

The craft of making bar soap has been around for thousands of years. Soap making is one of the oldest professions. For centuries craftsmen have found ways to create special blends that are unique and true forms of art. These helped others to tell their soaps apart from others.

Soap distributors use this same technique. They create bars with unique smells, colors or even shapes. But, crafters at home can do this too. They often do and their creations can be truly incredible. This is what makes their customers come back and purchase again.

Some methods to create a unique soap include creating a blend of essential oils. A special blend will be difficult to recreate for other soap makers. A single scent is easy to match, while a blend can be impossible to decipher. Soft, citrusy blends are wonderful for the summer, while vanilla based blends are favorites in the winter months.

Additions that can improve scent, texture and overall appearance are favorites among soap makers. One popular addition is lavender placed on the outer edge of a bar. This can be a challenging bar to create, but once the technique has been perfected it creates a beautiful work of art.

Soap gifting has become very popular as the public has become appreciative of the traditional soap bars. But, they demand that the bars are wonderful in appearance, scent and that they lather well.
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