Day VS Night For Your Skin

It might come as a surprise to learn that your skin behaves differently during the day than it does at night. And no, it doesn t go into rest mode either. Instead, it does even more work. Or rather, your skin cells work together to do more work. See, while you lie sound asleep in bed, your skin cells turn their attention inwards and put themselves to work rejuvenating and rebuilding the framework of your skin that they had spent all day protecting from the constant onslaught of environmental factors that cause your skin stress. They do this every night without fail, no matter what. Pretty cool, right?

And since your fabulous and always hard working skin cells are constantly working on rebuilding the integrity of your skin and putting out the proverbial fires of premature aging that get started by free radicals during the day, doesn t it make sense to help them along? We think it does! And there s nothing we love more than being apart of the natural intelligence that is our skin, unless of course we get to add the natural intelligence of the plant world to it.

So how can you help? By using the ideal private label skincare ingredients and formulas, you can support your skin to do what it does best, when it does best. For the daytime, give it private label skincare ingredients or products that help it protect itself from the onslaught of environmental pollutants, sun and other stressors that manufacture free radicals. Ingredients like this include vitamin C, adaptogenic substances like Jojoba oil and Reishi, and antioxidants like vitamin E. During the night, your skin benefits from private label substances like plant peptides and stem cells, soothing and anti inflammatory essential oils like Helichrysum and Rose, as well as richly anti aging carrier oils such as Tamanu.

The variance in these ingredients makes it easy for you to find a pre-formulated private label skincare product that already contains these ingredients (or ingredients like them) or you can easily make your own carrier oil based facial serum that utilizes the other specialty ingredients. For example, during the day you could use a DIY Jojoba oil serum with plant extracts and other antioxidant rich oils like Seabuckthorn. For the night, you could combine Helichrysum and Rose in a base of Tamanu for some serious nighttime dermal rejuvenation. Even though they can t talk, your skin cells will be thanking you in spades- and you ll know it by the glow of your skin.

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