Defining Your Brand Promise

Determining the brand promise for your skin care company is perhaps one of the most important moments in the life of your company. Discovering your inspired promise will enliven your company and your business ecosystem. A well integrated brand promise will inspire all of your business choices and your potential partners: your custom skin care manufacturing and packaging partner, your distributors, your vendors, your employees, and your customers.

Seven years ago our private label skin care manufacturing company sat down to define who we were as professionals and as a company and the promise we wanted to make to ourselves and to our customers. In order to do this we knew we had to understand our customers and ourselves. With that understanding we would be able to make a promise we could keep. A promise that would create alignment between RainShadow Labs the skincare manufacturer and packager and the many brands that we call our customers. With that promise in place we could set forth clear actions that would decide our day-to-day activities.

We determined that we wanted to work with high quality ingredients; to us that means natural and organic and whenever possible locally sourced. We determined that we wanted to provide the best possible service to our customers; that means answer the phones and every question asked. It means manufacturing and delivering small batch products on time and per the contract in place. As a result of this defining process we coined the term Custom Manufacturing House; a newly coined term for the personal care products industry and the private label skin care manufacturers who are a part of it. And house was the operative word. House. Home. Family. Trust.

In the end, by taking the time to establish a brand promise, we created something by which to be measured, by ourselves and by others. With this metric we can determine how we are doing and where we are going as a skin care manufacturer. It has become the compass by which we navigate our company. So I highly recommend spending the time to define your brand promise. It will be time well spent as you seek to grow your skin care brand.

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