Detox with Clay

Sometimes it s just as important to take things out as it is to put them in. Helping your skin with plenty of active ingredients is a key component to keeping skin looking healthy and young, but that s not the end of the story. Sometimes we need to utilize substances, such as clay, to help as well. Private label skincare products that include mineral rich clays contribute to helping skin that needs a break.

What you may not know is that there are actually many different kinds of clays, and they all have unique properties to consider when using them. For example, Bentonite clay actually comes from volcanic ash and is rich in minerals that help the skin while also helping the overall appearance of clarity. It is great for private label skincare products for both face and body.

French Green clay is known for its tonifying and oil-absorbing abilities, as well as its wonderfully soft texture and light green color. It is a great clay for those whose skin is a tad more sensitive but would still benefit from the minerals that comes from using clay. Private label skincare products, especially masks and scrubs that include French Green clay have an almost airy, fluffy texture to them.

Kaolin Clay is perhaps the most versatile clay for use in private label skincare and is the best option for dry skin because it does not absorb oil from the skin the way that French Green and Bentonite clays do. It has a light color and fine grain, and can be used in everything from scrubs to masks and even soaps. It also helps to stimulate a radiant looking complexion.

When formulating your private label skincare products, it is definitely acceptable to mix clays as well as use them separately. Finding a balance for what you are looking for is easy and fun, and very often one clay product can be used for multiple purposes, such as a face mask, spot treatment and foot mask for at-home (or professional!) pedicures. You can choose to mix your clays with carrier oils, hydrosols, essential oils and other private label skincare ingredients for a truly multidimensional skincare experience.

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