DIY Light Moisture Sugar Scrub

Soft, smooth, moisturized skin is a treat. It s something we all strive for every time we use a lotion, scrub or hydrating mask. It s what comes from doing peels and dry skin brushing, and even from drinking enough water. And it s one of the first things you want to show off when the weather gets warm and short, skirt and t-shirt season becomes a reality. Luckily, taking care of your skin so it stays in a perpetual state of softness is easy! While many things worth having take work, soft and moisturized skin takes the bare minimum, and even that little bit of effort soon becomes an enjoyable habit you barely ever think about.

One of the best ways to help your skin stay soft and smooth is to gently exfoliate, then moisturize. The reason is that by exfoliating first you remove the dead skin cells that reside on the surface of your skin before applying moisturizer so that whatever moisturizer you use has a better chance of fully penetrating the skin and doing its job to the fullest. With a little bit of gentle exfoliation beforehand, your skin cells are able to utilize more of the essential fatty acids in your moisturizer, which can lead to softer, happier skin.

And what s the best way to do this, you might ask? With a moisturizing scrub! You can buy one pre made for you, or you can easily mix one up yourself with a few easy to find private label skincare ingredients. Here s how:


  • Sugar

  • Carrier oil of choice (Jojoba, olive  and coconut work great)

  • Container for storage

  • Mixing bowl and stirring spoon

  • Optional essential oils

Start by combining equal amounts sugar and carrier oil in your bowl. You don t want your scrub to be too oily- just enough to cover your skin and hold the sugar together. If you prefer salt, you can use that in place of sugar, though it is much rougher on the skin, so keep that in mind. If you are using essential oils, use 5-20 drops depending on how strong you want the smell to be. Once everything is thoroughly blended and a consistency you are happy with, transfer to your container of choice (wide mouth mason jars are great for this) and store in a cool dry place. Use in the shower or bath for smooth, silky skin on demand.

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