DIY Tighten, Tone and Hydrate Mask

Whether or not you ve ever made your own skincare before, you really need to try this mask. It tightens, tones and hydrates all at the same time. It s exceptionally easy to make, the ingredients are very affordable and perhaps the best part of it all is that you can adjust the amounts of any of the ingredients to suit your skin s preference. In a world where high quality private label skincare can easily cost an arm and a leg, it s nice to know that there are low cost options out there that deliver results.

The three ingredients in this mask are raw honey, raw apple cider vinegar and clay. You can choose to use any kind of clay, though we personally love French Green clay for its texture and mineralizing properties. But if you ve already got some Bentonite lying around, then by all means use that. We chose these three ingredients because together they make the private label skincare holy trinity: tone, tightness and hydration. The tone comes from the apple cider vinegar, the tightening from the clay and the hydration from the honey.

Raw apple cider vinegar helps to keep the acid mantle and natural immune system of the skin at the correct pH and thus better able to maintain and protect itself. Raw honey from happy bees is extremely active in living enzymes that gently eat away at the dead skin on the top layer of the face. Additionally, honey actually attracts moisture to itself and is very helpful in hydrating the skin. When combined with a good quality clay the result is a lovely DIY facemask that rivals any private label skincare formula for tightening, toning, hydrating and nourishing the skin.

To make the mask you will need:

  • Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

  • Raw Honey

  • Clay of choice

  • Spoon and small bowl for mixing

  • Small container for storage

We recommend beginning with 1 part apple cider vinegar to 2 parts honey and clay. This will allow you to adjust the texture of the mask to your preference without making it too runny. Ideally you want it to be thin enough to spread and thick enough to stay on the face. Simply combine your ingredients, mix thoroughly with your spoon and spread all over your clean face. If you have extra mask simply store it in the fridge and use again another time. You can leave the mask on as long as you wish, and simply wash it off when you are done. Follow with your favorite moisturizer or serum for a dewy, clean and nourished complexion.

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