Does Natural Really Matter?

Though they are not necessarily more expensive than regular private label skincare products, the question may still pop up in your head every once in a while: does natural really matter? Is organic that important? What s the difference anyway, and is it tangible in the products? These are all great questions, and the answer to every single one of them is, yes. Natural does matter. It matters for results, product quality and environmental integrity. It also allows for a wealth of creative material because of the bounty nature produces. In short, it allows for better private label skincare products.

One of the biggest and most pressing complaints that unsatisfied customers have about their skincare choices is that the product didn t work, only worked for a little while, or created an irritation. All three of these problems can be remedied with natural private label skincare ingredients and formulas. Part of the problem when it comes to products that create irritations or don t work well in the first place is that the quality of ingredients used to make them is very poor, if not downright bad.

Harsh detergents, diluted synthetics, and irritating fragrances all contribute to poor product quality that leads to unsatisfied customers and a crappy brand presence. Opt for natural instead, where the pure and potent botanicals that have been expertly drawn and distilled from nature offer a plethora of private label skincare solutions and a superior replacement for every synthetic and sub optimal option. Synthetic fragrances that cause allergies are easily replaced by natural fragrances and essential oils. Mineral oil and other petroleum based moisturizing compounds and thickeners don t stand a chance in the face of pure plant oils and botanically derived binding and thickening agents.

And when it comes to the actives themselves, remember that it s nature the synthetic compounds have been designed to mimic. Real and bioavailable vitamin C cannot be beat. Potent antioxidants, skin cell strengthening compounds and other naturally occurring anti aging substances abound in plants of all varieties, and remind us all that there s no point in dropping our standards and going for the synthetic stuff.

Your private label skincare experience and line can be the best of the best. It can deliver real results, all the time. It can have the best aromas, textures and colors. It can have the best ingredients, in the best combinations and concentrations. It can, and should, be natural.
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