Don t Forget Your Neck!

In the private label skincare world we put an awful lot of emphasis on the face. It s for good reason too, but it s not the whole picture. See, even if you ve never really thought about it before, your neck and chest are part of your face. They are the other components to the canvas that you present to the world every day, and they deserve the same care and attention as you give the skin on your face. And the good news? You can treat and nourish them with the exact same things you put on your face.

Even if you don t struggle from acne or sensitive skin irritations on your chest and neck, the skin on both of them highly benefits from high quality private label skincare. Just as on your face and the rest of your body, the skin there can start to sag, become mottled and lose its youthful glow and soft texture. That s where intelligently formulated skincare and pure, potent skincare ingredients come in. 

Though they be many, a few of our favorites for tightening, toning and caring for the neck and chest include vitamin C serum, Rosehip Seed and Seabuckthorn oils. However, if you have any favorite private label skincare products or ingredients, go ahead and use them! We love vitamin C for how effective it is at protecting and correcting oxidative damage done to the skin by environmental pollutants, excess sun exposure and improper care. Because it is an antioxidant, wrinkle causing free radicals are neutralized for a wrinkle free, smooth and clear complexion.

Rosehip Seed oil, on top of being full of antioxidants, is an absolutely fantastic oil when it comes to healing scars and other skin damage. It is also known as a dry oil, which means that it soaks into the skin quickly and without leaving any kind of greasy finish. Seabuckthorn oil is similar to Rosehip Seed in that it also is a fantastic option for keeping the neck and chest skin clear of wrinkles, fine lines and old damage that is in need of healing. The two also go wonderfully mixed together as the synergy they create means double the skin healing goodness.

Caring for the skin on your neck and chest is as easy as spreading your favorite private label skincare further down from your face. And the return you get for your minimal effort is well worth the little bit of extra thought and care. Nourish your entire face- and that includes your neck and chest.
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