Dry Hair Care

You do your best to take care of your hair. You try different shampoos and conditioners, wear it in protective hair styles, incorporate more fats into your diet, and yet still your hair is dry. Your ends frizz and break, locks hanging limp from your head. It s brittle and dull. What are you supposed to do? While everyone s hair is unique, there are some simple and effective private label tricks to transform dry and limp hair into flowing, body-full and hydrated hair.

One of the essential things that healthy hair needs in order to stay healthy are plenty of amino acids. They keep the hair strong and help to hold in hydration within the hair shaft, effectively preventing dry and brittle ends. Private label hair care products that include a high quality amino acid in their formulas are perfect for the job. Be it shampoo, conditioner or even a therapeutic hair mask, amino acids help to strengthen and rebuild damaged hair shafts for healthier, fuller and more hydrated hair.

Particularly, there is one amino acid that is just as beneficial used alone as it is with other amino acids: Keratin. Keratin naturally coats your hair shafts, and when it is not abundant in your hair it suffers from frizzing and breakage. Private label hair care products that aim to hydrate, repair and strengthen hair would do well to include Keratin in their formulas.

Dry hair also benefits immensely from intensive and regular essential fatty acid treatments. As a weekly therapeutic hair mask as well as a private label ingredient in hair care, essential fatty acids are just that- essential. Any high quality carrier oil will do, but there are those which have garnered a reputation for being particularly healing to the hair. These include Argan, Jojoba and Coconut oil, as well as raw Shea butter. Whether you decide to include these private label ingredients in your hair care everyday, or use them as intensive treatments to rehabilitate your hair, the essential fatty acids will help keep your hair shafts hydrated and strong.

You don t have to live with dry hair. It can be healthy, strong and shiny. Even incorporating just one of these private label ingredients into your hair care strategy can go a long way towards healing, repairing and maintaining your hair. No matter your climate, hair type or budget, there is an easy and effective hair repair ingredient for you.
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