English Garden Essential Oil Blend

Spring and early summer are times of inspiration. The sun is out, the breeze is refreshing, the flowers are blooming and the produce is popping. Everything feels good. Even the (very) early morning songs sung by the birds outside your window are more likely to be a source of smiles instead of irritation this time of year. And with this burgeoning inspirational energy comes an urge to create. And create we have! Essential oils have been on our minds as of late and one of our latest creations is an ode to all the lovely springtime blooms.

We call it English Garden and one whiff of this classy blend will show you why. It s like a walk through the most beautiful flower garden on a dewy morning. Fresh, classic, invigorating and smooth, it s the perfect scent to add to your private label skincare creations and for use as a botanical perfume. Though the scent is well rounded, the actual formula is quite simple.

A base of pure, real Lavender essential oil gives English Garden a grounding and herbaceous start with clear floral tones and calming aroma therapeutic properties. Following the Lavender is Clary Sage. The beautiful distillation of Clary Sage s tiny little flowers adds clarity, brightness, an almost citrusy high note and a perfect balance to the herbaceous Lavender. To top it off we added Roman Chamomile for its soft, smooth, well-rounded and truly unique floral scent. The result of these three essential oils is a blend that captures the essence of a flower garden without being overpoweringly floral. It s classy and light instead of tacky and overpowering.

English Garden essential oil blend can be added to your private label skincare product bases for a fantastic product scent in everything from creams and body butters to serums and even hair treatments. It can also be used alone in the diffuser or even placed neat on the skin like a perfume. Just a small dab is all you need to sport this new scent that s sure to become your new signature smell. Wear it for a night out on the town or during a casual summer day- it s perfect for any occasion.

Essential oils are wonderful on their own and it can be nice to just sport one plant s particular scent. After all, who doesn t love the aroma of pure Vanilla or Cinnamon? However, don t forget how easily and effortlessly these oils blend together to create new botanical synergies and smells. One flower is great. An entire garden is even better.
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