Essential Oil Blends for Balding

Hair loss is a concern for both men and women. Some essential oils have properties reported to benefit those suffering from balding or thinning hair.

Hair loss can be caused by inflammation of the scalp.  German chamomile (diluted to 1%) can cool the scalp and reduce inflammation. Lavender can do the same, but also adds cleansing and regenerative properties (3% dilution). Helichrysum can be used at .5-2% to reduce inflammation and aid in cellular regeneration. Sea Buckhorn is bright red (be forewarned!) but helps in nourishing the scalp, reducing inflammation, and regenerating cell growth. Use at .5-2%. 

Clove can be used only at .25% as it is very strong and is an extremely powerful antioxidant, aiding also in circulation. Carrot root contains Retin-A and other antioxidants, making it one of the best oils for hair loss (1-3%). Carrot seed (.5-2%) can detoxify the skin cells.  

Cypress is used at .5-1% dilution and helps with circulation and capillary strength. Rosemary of the verbonene type (.5-2%) can speed up cellular metabolism to stimulate hair growth. Sage stimulates growth like rosemary but also helps with hormone balancing. It helps regenerate skin cells at .5-1% dilution.  Clary sage (.5%-1%) is more beneficial for women as it helps balance estrogen levels in the scalp.

Myrtle is an antiseptic oil that can help balance the scalp oils and reduce over-production of follicle-clogging sebum. Finally, cedarwood (.5-1%) is ideal for hair loss conditions related to infections of the scalp. All of these oils can be blended for optimal results, as long as concentrations are carefully controlled for safety.

Each of these essential oils is meant to be diluted into a carrier oil and rubbed gently into the scalp. Carrier oils are important for diluting the highly concentrated essential oils for contact with skin. And some even have nutritive properties for the scalp and hair. Use coconut oil for soothing properties. Grapeseed has antioxidants and works well as a carrier. Evening Primrose is a great choice for improved circulation to the area and reduced inflammation.

Another carrier oil that adds benefit is jojoba, which softens and moisturizes the hair while cleansing the follicle. Sesame oil contains lignans that can help vitamin E do its job in the scalp. Hemp has Omega-3 fatty acids, making it beneficial for inflammation and poor circulation. And rosehip seed has regenerative properties for skin cells, having been studied for its benefits for clear skin. Any of these carrier oils can work well and can also be blended for added benefits. Specific recipes can be found online for combining these essential oils and carrier oils for treating hair loss.

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