Essential Oil Saves You Money

You know the value of taking care of yourself, but you know the value of money.   Did you know that some of your indulgences could actually be saving your bank account?  Essential Oils are one of those beauty treats that are actually multi-use money savers!  At RSL, all of the essential oils we offer are versatile, but Lemon Essential Oil really stands out.  

Taking care of your emotions and your appearance is a healthy habit, but the cost of self-care can often be quite extravagant.  Lemon Essential Oil  can inexpensively and luxuriously take care of all of your personal well-being needs! When inhaled it gives you an energized, uplifted and bright feeling.  Cosmetically, it lightens age spots combats wrinkles and fights off infection. Lemon Essential Oil proves you don t need to spend a lot of money to look or feel great!

But workhorse essential oils like Lemon Oil can save you money in areas you might not even think of like around the house. Lemon Essential Oil is anti-infectious, disinfectant, antibacterial, antiseptic and antiviral.  Never again spend a penny on store-bought household cleaners! Just mix 5 drops of Lemon Oil, 4 cups of water, and ½ a cup of white vinegar together and use to mop floors, clean countertops, and disinfect bathrooms! Rub Lemon Oil into stains before adding to wash for stain removing needs, and mix with Baking Soda for a toxin free stovetop cleanser!

Impressed?  Here s the miraculous part: using essential oils can reduce your doctor s fees!  The healing elements in prescribed medicines are just synthetic copies the healing agents in essential oils.  You might like to know that breathing vaporized Lemon Essential Oil can kill meningococcal bacteria in 15 minutes, typhoid bacilli in one hour, staph in two hours and diphtheria in 20 minutes! Medical expenses can be some of the most burdensome to.  If you understand how to heal yourself with essential oils, you could save yourself a lot of cash!  Though, if you are very sick, please see a doctor.

At RSL we re about healthy self-care.  Protecting your energies is part of intelligent self-care and money is such a powerful energy on this planet.  Though most people turn to essential oils for their cosmetic and aromatic benefits, as you now know essential oils are so much more than that! One bottle of Lemon Essential Oil can last up to 3 months and in that time you could save over $350.  That s a lot of energy!
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