Essential Oils Aid in a Comfortable Pregnancy

Now just like with anything else during pregnancy, the woman should always consult her doctor before beginning use.  It is not recommended that she use any essential oils during the first trimester because in the first twelve weeks the baby is developing essential organs.  There have been no conclusive studies that show either negative or positive effects on the baby.  So to play it safe, she should not use oils.

Using essential oils during the second and third trimester are just fine and can help alleviate or avoid many discomforts.  Even though pregnant women feel drained and tired, they might have a hard time sleeping.  Essential oils will be able to help with this and with things like constipation.  The four most common oils to use are: lavender, mandarin, ylang ylang, and neroli.

Lavender oil is so versatile that it can prevent or reduce many discomforts.  Headaches and migraines can be relieved through lavender.  A lot of pregnant women have a hard time sleeping, put a few drops of lavender on her pillow and watch her fall into slumber.  Lavender can also help with constipation, urine development, back pain, and relieving a cold.

Mandarin oil has a mild but pleasant citrus sent that would help lighten up her mood and up a smile on her face.  It also has anti-septic abilities that will help soothe sores caused by constipation.  If she has respiratory problems, mandarin oil can help relieve her discomfort.  Mandarin oil also helps with cramps and ensures correct liver bile function.

If she needs a little more Zen in her life, ylang ylang is what she needs.  Ylang ylang helps to relax by giving a sense of peace and well being.  Because of this ylang ylang is great with reducing depressive feelings, anxiety, and nervousness.

The fourth most common oil used is neroli.  Neroli helps with settling the digestion system and regulating bowel movements so it is great for diarrhea.  It can also help with depression, fear, shock, and stress during pregnancy.

There are several ways to use these oils to alleviate the various discomforts of pregnancy.  She could mix 5 to 6 drops into a bath or put 2 to 3 drops on her pillow before bed.  Much like incense she could burn the oil using 4 drops oil to 2 teaspoons of carrier oil and burn it.  She could also use a compression dipped in a bowl of water that had 3 drops of oil mixed in it to relax.

Pregnancy is a beautiful and terrifying experience.  The creation of life within a woman growing and developing is a miracle, but there are so many potential things that can go wrong.  The mother may have fears of what lies ahead.  The fact that her hormone levels change during pregnancy only adds to her negative responses of these fears.  Using essential oils will calm and diminish any discomfort that pregnancy brings.

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