Essential Oils For Fall

With the fall season right around the corner, the sweet, light and floral smells of summer make way for the warmer, deeper and even a little bit spicy smells of fall. You might think of things like apples, cinnamon and cloves. Or perhaps the smell of rain, wintergreen and pumpkin pie. Whatever the smells may be, your own personal scent will most likely change with the seasons as well. And for that, RainShadow Labs has a solution. Make way for fall with these warm, sweet and slightly spicy private label essential oils.

Our private label Amber essential oil has an absolutely gorgeous warm, sweet and slightly musky scent that goes well on women and men alike. Instead of a spicy undertone, Amber oil s scent is smooth and pairs well with other oils like Vanilla and Frankincense. For fall, it can be worn out and about during the day but easily doubles as a sultry date night scent as well. 

Though quite common, is there another smell quite as comforting and universally liked as Vanilla? Our pure Vanilla essential oil is the perfect fall scent to wear any time of day, and is equally lovely when blended with other oils. The soft yet deep and slightly sweet aroma is like the classic white t-shirt of essential oils- timeless, and it goes with anything.

Private label Cinnamon essential oil is one of the quintessential smells of fall. It evokes thoughts of the holidays and cozy days spent reading and baking, but the spice it provides is a reminder of how well this goes as a smell for the night as well. Because Cinnamon is very strong, it must first be diluted with a neutral carrier oil before being applied to the skin, but once diluted and applied it lasts a long time. Cinnamon blends well with the other oils mentioned above, as well as other scents when you want to add a spicy sweet depth to your aroma blend of choice.

Though there are a huge number of other essential oils that go perfectly for fall, Amber, Vanilla and Cinnamon encompass the warmth, sweetness, depth and little bit of spice that evoke memories of the fall. Equally as pleasant alone or mixed into blends, if you just have one or all of these three essentials to choose from, you re sure to be happy and smelling good all season long.
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