Essential Oils For Your Private Label

Natural and organic skin care embodies the essence of innovative natural science- providing authentic ingredients that impart their succulent natural wisdom to our skin. Essential oils are powerful skin care allies, and can easily take any formula from good to top tier. With such a variety of oils to choose from, it can seem daunting to find the essential oils that are right for you. Here you will find four of our favorite essential oils to start with for your private label- geranium, rose, jasmine and turmeric.

Geranium essential oil is a master skin regenerating substance. It is the perfect oil to include in private label skin care formulas that target damaged and traumatized skin. Geranium has been used to heal severely burned skin leading to healed skin with no residual scarring! This is truly an amazing feat and a testament to the wondrous regenerative magic of geranium.

Rose essential oil is not only incredibly beautifying, but it is equally as good for making you feel beautiful! This soft and feminine flower yields an essential oil that is deeply hydrating to the skin and is wonderful for spider veins and broken capillaries. As a bonus, the sweet floral scent is one of the oldest aphrodisiacs known to man. Include rose essential oil in all of your private label skin care formulations designed to inspire and beautify.

Jasmine is the queen of the flowers and its essential oil lives up to its name. The deeply sweet, musky, and exotic fragrance of this little white flower is a potent aphrodisiac and de-stressor, making it perfect for use in any custom formulated private label aromatherapy blend or natural fragrance. It is suitable for both men and women.

Turmeric essential oil is an amazing age prevention substance. It activates over a dozen anti-inflammatory proteins within the skin, as well as something known as NRF2. NRF2 is basically an upgraded antioxidant that does not get consumed in the process of neutralizing free radicals. Instead, it continues to attract more electrons to itself, which provides long term anti aging protection for each skin cell. Include turmeric essential oil in your private label anti aging skin care for a truly cutting edge formulation.

Creating your own line can be daunting, but with the four oils mentioned above, you can rest assured that your essential oil bases are covered. They re the perfect blend of effective and unique, allowing you to create a private label skin care line that embodies the wondrous energy of innovative natural science.

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