Essential Oils Reduce the Response of Inflammation

In todays world there are several uncomfortable, serious, and mild health problems that can be relieved or healed.  Most of the time all one has to do is take a pill that their doctor recommends. What most people dont realize is that health conditions were relieved in the past as well.  The cleansing came from essential oils.

The anointing of essential oils has more purposes then just religious practices.  The term anointing oil means to rub oil on a desired location.  Anointing oil can cleanse spiritually and physically.  One specific physical ailment that essential oils can heal is inflammation.

Inflammation is a necessary and natural thing that bodies do.  The purpose of inflammation is to protect and heal the inflamed area. Anointing with specific oils will decrease the inflammation.

Studies have show that essential oils do reduce the response of inflammation. The way that oils reduce inflammation is simple and yet fascinating.  To understand how oils reduce inflammation, one must understand the process.

During the inflammatory process, nitric oxide is produced.  Nitric oxide inflames the tissue and causes tissue damage.  To stop or reduce inflammation, one would need a nitric oxide inhibitor.  Essential oils that are nitric oxide inhibiters are copaiba, octotea, oregano, Rosalina, dill, nutmeg, lemongrass, and peppermint.

Traditional healers have used these nitric oxide inhibiting oils for centuries in various parts of the world.  South American healers have used copaiba and octotea.  Rosalina from the melaleuca family was used in Australia.  Europe and Asia used lemongrass, oregano, and peppermint.

As time has moved on, more people are using pharmaceuticals to heal them from their physical ailments.  The knowledge of natural cleaning is not widely known.  There are institutions that teach of these oils in aromatherapy and energy or spiritual soothing.  The nature grocery store clerks can also be a good source for knowledge.

Taking a pharmaceutical drug may help with physical ailments, but they also have diverse side effects.  In regards to inflammation, anointing with oil can be a safe, simple, and effective way to reduce it.  These oils have been used on inflammation for centuries proving their effectiveness.  Learn from those of the past and use these oils that work and are natural.

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