Exfoliation After Care

If you re serious about your skincare, then you probably exfoliate from time to time. And while exfoliating regularly is a great way to keep your skin young, healthy and bright, making sure that you take proper care of your skin after exfoliating is equally as important. Once that outer layer is removed, you need to make sure you re taking care of the new and fresh skin underneath, as well as taking advantage of the superior product penetration that comes with the removal of the dead outer layer. By using the right kind of private label skincare product after you exfoliate, you can easily double the efficacy of your skincare efforts.

When you exfoliate, you are basically taking off the very top layer of skin that is comprised of dead and dry skin cells. When you do this, you then expose the fresh, new and plump skin beneath, which is why exfoliating is so great for keeping your complexion bright and fresh. However, when you take that top layer off, it s important to make sure that it stays protected and nourished. Additionally, exfoliation increases product penetration by taking away that rough and dead outer layer, so applying an active ingredient packed private label skincare product after you exfoliate is the perfect way to optimize the positive results you get from exfoliating.

While a moisturizer would work just fine for after exfoliation application, a serum would be even better. This is because serums are formulated to have smaller product molecules, which leads to even better product penetration and efficacy. We recommend using a private label serum that has plenty of active and anti aging ingredients in it, such as vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, plant peptides and nourishing carrier oils like Tamanu. Not only is this the perfect after care for exfoliation, but it s an ideal private label skincare routine overall due to the combination of regular exfoliation and use of the best private label skincare products possible.

You can easily and efficiently optimize your skincare efforts by gently exfoliating on a regular basis, and then taking advantage of the increased product penetration that comes with it by using a private label serum that s packed with the best ingredients possible. This is the perfect example of working smarter, not harder; it s an easy habit to implement, and the glowing results that will radiate out from your skin will be all the proof you need to keep on exfoliating and nourishing, the right way.

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