Fat Is Where It s At

Skincare trends come and go. Some are worth following, some aren t. It s a natural property of the industry and one that you should be aware of but don t need to worry about following religiously. Some trends end up being industry mainstays because of how effective they are, while others are like fading flames that come and go with equal speed. One trend that has been gaining traction for a while now is the use of pure plant oils directly on the face. This manifests in the form of oil cleansing, oil based serums and even oil based sun care products. And we ll say that as far as we re concerned, this is a trend worth paying attention to and that we anticipate staying.

The reason we believe in this trend so much is that it really isn t anything new. People have been using high quality plant oils in their private label skincare for as long as we can remember and the reason is plain and simple: they work. Your skin needs oils. It needs plant fats, and plenty of them. And because there s such a wide variety of pure plant oils, there s a fat based product for everyone.

Essential fatty acids are a key component to what helps the skin stay hydrated and soft. They keep your skin cells flexible and properly lubricated, which supports your natural overall skin health. If you re new to the idea of using oils on your face, take a minute and go look at the ingredient deck of one of your favorite private label skincare products. Chances are, it has at least one plant oil in the mix.

When deciding which carrier oils to use, a little education and some self-awareness go a long way. What kind of skin do you have? What do you want to achieve with your skincare routine? Do you have a budget? Knowing your own personal answers to these kinds of questions will help you choose the best oils for your skin. With that said, some great plant fats to start with and help you get a feel for what your skin does best with include Jojoba oil, Seabuckthorn oil and Shea butter. All three of these lovely lipids are great for balanced, soothed, nourished and happy skin.

To keep it simple, fat is most definitely where it s at when it comes to private label skincare. Whether you start oil cleansing or simply using an oil based serum on your skin every day, this is a trend that we not only predict will continue to grow, but perhaps will even change the industry for good.
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