Fiery Fragrances for Fall: Diffusing Essential Oils

Let s get into it: it s sensational what diffusing essential oils in your home can do for your mind and mood.  Saturating scents around your home is a great way to pick yourself up when you re feeling out of it! Almost any and all essential oils will provide unparalleled benefits when diffused in the air, but we want to focus on those scents that make you feel like you ve gotten big hug: Fall Scents. The fun thing about diffusing these special Fall Scents is that they not only smell phenomenal, they provide you with health benefits as well!

  1. Cinnamon essential oil is a spicy fragrance that makes you feel cozy and warm. It boosts cognitive function and visual-motor response.  Best of all, cinnamon essential oil is an antiseptic that promotes cardio-vascular health so it s hard to get sick when you ve got little molecules of cinnamon oil floating around the house!   

  1. Clove essential oil allows you to experience total warmth.  It s slightly racy pepper notes remind you that, even though hibernation season is around the corner, you re still a vivacious human being!  Diffusing clove essential oil also helps to prevent illness with its unparalleled virus fighting properties!

  2. Cardamom essential oil will de-stress and invigorate your entire being.  Cardamom essential oil has a warming scent with just a hint of eucalyptus- making it very fresh.  When you diffuse it around your home, you ll feel mentally clear, and completely held by this exotic oil.  Medicinally, cardamom is also great for preventing infections!

  3. Ginger essential oil has an earthy, woody undertone to balance out its hot spice! It s as grounding of a scent as it is stimulating.  Diffusing ginger essential oil will root you into the earth and warm you by supporting healthy blood circulation.  It s also a powerful anti-viral and completely supports your immunes system.

Diffusing essential oils in your home is easy.  You can use a simple DIY diffuser, or a purchased one.  If you do plan to use a purchased option, we suggest you use one that does not apply heat.  Heat changes the molecular structure of the oils, effecting their scent and medicinal potency.   If you don t feel like buying a diffuser, do not worry! There are plenty of inexpensive and simple DIY options for diffusers you can use to feel uplifted and cozy all day long!

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