Flaky Scalp Fixes

Dealing with a flaking, itching scalp instantly turns what could have been a good hair day into a crappy hair day. Who wants to rain down snowflakes whenever they scratch or shake their head? And wearing black? Forget it. While it can feel frustrating and like you re constantly searching for a solution, there are some simple things you can do right now to try and minimize the itching and flaking on your scalp. Everyone is different and as a result what works for you might not work for someone else. Sometimes the problem comes from an internal issue, and other times it s as simple as what you do, or don t, put onto your head.

Consider the shampoo that you use. It s common for people to find that cheap, conventional shampoos and conditioners cause them to have build up and irritation on their scalp. If you have flaking and itching and haven t tried changing your hair care to a different private label formula that contains only natural ingredients, it could be worth a shot. Some people notice a difference almost immediately. Additionally, the overall health and appearance of your hair could benefit too.

Some people find that they actually have a food allergy or digestive issue that contributes to the overall state of their scalp. If you ve never been tested for food allergies before you can get that done by a professional. Or, you can do a simple elimination diet where you eliminate one type of food per week for two weeks and see what happens without the food, and then what happens when you reintroduce the food(s) back into your diet. Common culprits tend to be wheat, corn, soy, dairy and even sugar. Give it a try!

The chemicals found in tap water can also cause some irritation and even dryness that could result in flaking. You might want to try using a shower water filter that helps to filter out things like chlorine and other chemicals that could be causing your scalp to act up. You can also try using private label skincare ingredients like Rosemary essential oil that are known to be beneficial to the hair and scalp.

It might take some trial and error, but don t allow yourself to get discouraged. The change you re looking for could be as simple as a shampoo swap. Keep trying, listen to your body and the results you re chasing after might come sooner than you think.

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