Flaky Skin Fixes

Do you have flaky skin? It can be quite the bother, making everything from applying makeup to achieving ideal product penetration that much harder. However, there is a way to help heal your flaky skin so you can have the soft, smooth and flake-free complexion you know you re capable of. Contrary to popular belief, your skin does not have to be dry in order to be flaky. Many people have flaky skin that is actually oily by nature, while others have skin that is dry and also flakes.

Whether your skin is dry or oily will help to inform the way that you choose to treat your flaky skin, and will also determine the success of your methods. For example, if your skin is dry and flaky, providing it with healing and moisturizing oils will usually be all you need to do to stop the flaking. But if your skin is oily, a combination of balancing private label skincare ingredients and proper, gentle exfoliation would be a more appropriate skincare regimen for you.

For the drier of those among us, look to private label skincare that moisturizes and brings balance. Depending on your skincare needs, oils such as Shea butter, Seabuckthorn, and Jojoba can provide the kind of healing moisture and balancing adaptation you need in order to have soft, smooth and flake free skin. Shea butter provides deep and long lasting moisture and protection, Seabuckthorn helps to balance and bring alive struggling skin cells, and Jojoba teaches your skin to adapt and produce the correct amount of oil for itself, all while helping to dissolve any clogged pores you have.

If you are more oily in nature, there s a very good chance that at least part of the reason your skin is flaking is because you need to exfoliate. Aside from using nourishing and balancing carrier oils like the ones mentioned above for dry skin, you should experiment with once a week exfoliation. If you find your skin is also a bit (or a lot) sensitive, you can use gentle exfoliation methods like fruit enzymes to help take that old dead skin off of your face. 

Though everybody s private label skincare needs are unique, there are some general principles we can all follow to help keep our skin be healthy, glowing and young. If you struggle with flaky skin, try a combination of letting gentle exfoliants do their work and nourishing your skin with the private label skincare ingredients it needs to thrive.
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