Getting Your Candle Making Gear

Candle making is a great skill to learn.  There are many reasons to want to learn how to make candles. You may choose candle making as a new hobby.  Others make candles as part of a lucrative business.  But whatever the reason as you begin you will need to acquire all the start up materials.

The candle making start up process is all about getting your equipment. Some of these materials you will probably have around your household already.  Other items you will need to research and purchase.  The following is just what you need to being your new candle making hobby or business.

First lets explore what is needed for candle making on a small scale in your home.  The process all begins with wax.  Since a candle is almost entirely made up of wax, lets consider the different types of waxes.

First determine the kind of candles you want to make (size, shape, utility, quality, etc.) to know what type of wax to use.  The most common wax types you may use for your candle making are paraffin wax, gel wax, and soy wax.  You can find many other types of waxes on the market, however, these are most often used.

Soy and paraffin waxes are most commonly used for basic candles.  This is because the wax is readily available and its an easy wax to work with.  Soy wax may even be preferred over paraffin.  Soy is completely natural and so as a wax it burns without any smoke or odor.  Soy waxes also burn longer than paraffin wax.  However, paraffin is still often used in candle making because of its affordability and its low maintenance in candle making.

Gel waxes are used for more upscale candle making. If you are looking to make uniquely designed and higher quality candles, gel wax will be your best bet. The name gel even gives away the fact that this wax is the most pliable and therefore easy to mold of all waxes.

After youve chosen the type of wax to use, you will need to obtain the wick.  Without the wick nothing will burn at all! The wick will run through the center of the entire candle so a flame can burn until the candle wax has all been melted.

The final equipment needed for your candle making is a melting pot/thermometer combo and molds.  If you are doing small scale candle making, you will just use your own pots, pans and stove top for the melting of the wax.  Some professionals also recommend the use of thermometers so you know the exact temperature of your wax.  Then of course you need some sort of container to mold your candle into a shape once its melted.  Some molds are as simple as a jar or glass; upscale candle making will require specially shaped molds to form your desired candle.

Once youve acquired all your equipment, enjoy your candle making! And then burn baby burn!

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