Great Essential Oils To Use With Your Hair

Essential oils are known to help with your hair. There are some specific kinds that work much better than others. Here are our favorite ones to use to improve your hair.

Rosemary - Rosemary is great for soothing and healing skin irritations that plague the scalp. This can include psoriasis and dandruff. Rosemary increases your hair's natural ability to grow and develop in a healthy way.

Basil - Basil adds glamour to your hair. It is great for people who are suffering with hair that is very thin, or is thinning. It adds more body to your hair to make it appear more full. Basil is great for nourishing hair and scalp, and can restore hair that has been lost or thinned.

Studies have been conducted on how essential oils help hair loss. Basil is one of the oils that has been proven to replenish and replace hair and promote hair growth. The reason, they believe, is because basil increases circulation and improves damaged follicles so they can grow in fuller and stronger.

Lemon - Lemon is an all purpose hair care type of essential oil. Lemon does a great job cleaning, and it is the easiest to wash out. It has a yummy smell too, which is always beneficial with hair care products.

Lemon also is easy to come by. You can grow your own lemon trees and access lemons on your own. They are also very easy to buy in the store.

Bergamot - Bergamot is another powerful natural oil. It has a very fresh scent which can be very nice for your hair. It also is able to clean your hair and promote hair growth in a healthy and natural way.

Like lemon, Bergamot is also in the citrus family. It mixes well it other citrus products, and can take off excess oil that is in your hair or scalp. It takes just the right amount of oil out with out stripping your hair completely dry.

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