Have You Discovered This Beauty Treasure?

Will our love for and fascination of essential oils ever change? Probably not, and oils like the one we re about to tell you about are the reason why. Medicinal barks and rich resins, lightly fragrant grasses and luscious blooming flowers all make up the wondrous palate we have available to us in the form of precious botanical essential oils. Among these is the Magnolia flower; magical in its effects though it is not widely known about, we are absolutely in love with this flower s lovely essence.

Native to China, the scent of Magnolia is soft, sweet, gently floral and wonderfully smooth. It is a truly striking beautiful white flower and though its beauty and aroma alone are enough to make it stand out, the buck doesn t stop there for this exotic floral oil. As a matter of fact, Magnolia essential oil has been shown to contain 63 different beneficial phytochemical components and is a favorite essential oil for use in massage oils because it can help to relax the muscles. In private label skincare it is used as an anti aging ingredient for soft, smooth, tight and young skin. The aroma of Magnolia makes this an even more optimal ingredient for private label skincare because it provides a classy and gentle aroma to the overall formula.

In aromatherapy Magnolia is used as a heart opener, aphrodisiac and calming essential oil. It goes perfectly for any occasion that requires calmness, being centered and relaxed. It has a history of being used by mystics for strengthening the root chakra and heart chakra and thus makes it a great ceremonial essential oil as well. Using it in your own DIY beauty and aroma therapeutic products and projects is a great way to give them some exotic and classy flair.

If you are someone who enjoys giving gifts, Magnolia essential oil is perfect for adding to neutral carrier oils and giving as an easy to use botanical perfume or massage blend, add a few drops to some soaking salts and use as a homemade aroma therapeutic soaking blend, or whip a couple drops up with some coconut oil and Shea butter for a luscious whipped body butter.

If you are an essential oil lover and haven t tried Magnolia yet, now s the time to change that! Calming, sultry, versatile and unique, it s a true private label skincare gem.

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