Horsetail for Healthy Skin

One of the most important elements for building collagen and maintaining elasticity in the skin is silica. Without it, the skin sags and is just generally sad. Thankfully, there is a private label skincare ingredient that delivers a potent punch of silica for skin that stays plump, juicy, healthy, and resilient. Introducing: Horsetail, the little herb that could.

Horsetail is an herb that has been used for centuries by herbalists and it is this plant that is so valuable and effective for private label skincare. Any natural ingredient that helps the appearance of tightened, toned, and rejuvenated skin is a must for private label skincare.

Horsetail also aids in general skin health because of its very high silica content. By simultaneously helping the skin appear tight, toned, resilient, and building the skin s biological elixir of youth Horsetail really gets things done in the skincare department.

Private label skincare formulas that utilize Horsetail can come in a range of formulas. This ingredient is appropriate for virtually all types of products, especially a hydrosol or toner that can be spritzed over the face, as Horsetail is an excellent botanical ingredient. Private label skincare products with Horsetail can expect results that include the plumping, toning, and overall skin cell function enhancing properties of this herb to be brought to life and manifested through the healthy and bright complexions of those who use it.

Private label skincare ingredients like Horsetail are so wonderful because they are as gentle as they are effective. Nobody needs harsh skincare in order to experience real results they just need real, integrity-filled ingredients. Bring the rejuvenating, toning, and balancing properties of Horsetail into your private label formulas and personal skincare routine, and watch as your skin gently yet surely smooths, tightens, and improves in all the right ways. In this case, gentle simplicity, in the form of a humble little herb, wins.

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