How Soap Can Prevent Cold and Flu

A cold or the flu can cause loss of work, unavailability for social events and overall unpleasantness. There are many methods that you can apply to your daily life to help you to prevent colds and the flu. These include diet, getting enough sleep and using soap regularly.

Soap is a great flu prevention method because it releases bacteria from your hands. We use our hands to put food in our mouth, hold telephones to our ear and put on lip balm, among many other daily activities. Hands come into contact with our nose and mouth many, many times per day.

It is crucial that our hands remain clean, especially during flu season. We could touch a door handle in public and later put our hands near our face. This will cause contact that could lead to infecting us with a cold or flu virus. Influenza or a cold could be airborne, but chances are we are at a higher risk if our hands are not kept clean.

Both antibacterial and regular soap are helpful in preventing sickness. They both are effective at getting rid of germs and bacteria on the skin. Warm water is also helpful and should be used every time hands are washed. During flu season we all need to remember to wash our hands more than we normally do.
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