How To Age Gracefully With These 6 Skincare Tips

It's no secret that aging is inevitable, and eventually, it becomes harder and harder to hide our age as it starts to reflect on our skin. But, here's the good news: We have control over how we treat our skin and what we put on it every day to promote a youthful and healthy looking complexion. There is true beauty in aging, and we can all do it gracefully by taking the time to care for our skin. Read along for tips on how to better care for your skin from our team of private-label skincare experts! 

Limit Sun Exposure.

We can blame the sun for many skin concerns, so no matter what time of the year, protect your skin from sun exposure. Our resident esthetician recommends using sunscreen and a vitamin C serum daily (rain or shine).

Establish a Skin Care Regimen Specific to Your Skin Type.

Your skin deserves a unique regimen made up of botanical private label skincare products that work for you and complement each other. Consider your age, skin type, skin concerns, and daily activities when choosing a skincare regimen. 

Receive Professional Facials.

Your esthetician can help guide you to healthier looking skin, so treat your skin to a hydrating facial once in a while. You can give yourself a facial at home or treat yourself to a spa day. Receiving facials will help your skin and leave it feeling hydrated and plump. 

Start Using Active Ingredients.

As we age, our skin can start to lose that smooth and lifted look. Our resident esthetician recommends using plant-powered stem cells in our skincare regimen daily to reverse the look of tired and saggy-looking skin, like those found in our private label Stem Cell Reverse Age Serum.

Exfoliate Weekly.

Exfoliation can do wonders for your skin! By removing dry, dull, or rough patches to reveal more youthful appearing skin, you will soon begin to notice your skin is glowing and radiant. Instead of using a harsh facial scrub, we recommend using a fruit enzyme exfoliant.

Use a rich night cream.

When we sleep, our skin naturally loses water; this is called transepidermal water loss (TEWL). Although TEWL is a natural process, there are ways to help keep your skin moisturized and hydrated. To achieve this, use a rich night cream and add a few drops of facial oil to seal in the night cream to help prevent TEWL. 

We believe that to age gracefully is to have a well-balanced skincare regimen with a combination of proper exfoliation, active ingredients, and hydrating creams and oils. 

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