How to Build Your Spa Backbar with Private Label Products

Are you considering becoming an esthetician or opening a spa? The quality of your back bar inventory is fundamental for your practice to thrive. Once your clients experience a quality of care in their service and see the results of your facial treatments, they will book repeat visits. Creating a professional space and being a caring service provider are all part of the experience. But so is the product you use and how knowledgeable you are as a treatment provider.

Choosing Your Back Bar Products

When you decide what products to offer, think about your brand and mission. Do you want your skincare business to offer relaxing facials or more corrective facials? If botanical skincare is essential to you, use botanical and plant-powered skincare. Most importantly, you want products that allow your customers to see the results you envisioned. One of the many benefits of choosing to work with a private label skincare manufacturer for your spa business is that it can help you create a line of effective products for very little investment and effort.

Why Private Label Skincare

Using private label skincare in your facial treatment protocols will allow you to diversify the products for little cost. A variety of back bar skincare can help you treat all different skin types and conditions. Sensitive skin types will benefit from one of our milder peels like our #NoFilter Active Enzyme Peel, and more resilient skin should use a more potent formulation like our 10X Triple Acid FirmX Peel. Besides the benefits of lower costs and more variation with private label formulations, you can customize the formulations to your brand.

Tips for Managing Spa Inventory

Keeping your spa business organized is going to set you up for success in the long run. Managing your spa products inventory is such a crucial step for your business. Look for salon software with excellent inventory management features. Choose a software that makes it easy to track your inventory levels at any given point and reminds you when to re-order, based on your preset amounts. In addition to a suitably well-rounded inventory in the salon, consider offering an online store for the part of your clientele that likes to shop online. It's a great way to provide convenience and capture a part of the market that only buys online. Clients will typically purchase the products you recommend for them, so make it an easy process for them to know what they need for proper home care online and in the spa.

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